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Japan is the third largest economy in the world, and therefore maintains the impressive position of both a global and regional economic powerhouse.

With a developed market supported by sophisticated and wealthy consumers interested in premium products, Japan remains an important export market for South Australia.

The Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement entered into force in January 2015 and provides opportunities of reduced tariffs and better access to markets in many areas of interest for South Australian exporters.

Sector opportunities

Agriculture, food and wine

Japan’s low self-sufficiency ratio means that it is reliant on imports of fresh produce from abroad. South Australia is in a strong position to meet this demand, as a reliable supplier of premium, safe food and wine from our clean environment.

Education, research and development

Though currently a small market for international student recruitment, there are opportunities to attract more students to South Australia or promote transnational education in-country. Collaboration between South Australian educational institutions and the Japanese education sector on research and development programs is also an important aspect for this sector.

Defence, advanced manufacturing and technology

Japan has a highly developed defence capability, and there are opportunities for R&D collaboration between Japanese researchers and South Australia’s several specialised defence research institutes.


Health, biotechnology and aged care services

Japan has a rapidly ageing society and growing demand for aged care, medical services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals is forecast for the immediate future.

Water, energy and environmental management

Japan is a resource-challenged country with a view to diversifying its energy sources, which greatly complements South Australia’s strengths in renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.


Japan has consistently accounted for the bulk of foreign direct investment from the North Asia region, with significant involvement in Australian companies.


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