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France is a leading industrialised country with a mature and sophisticated market economy.

The services sector, particularly tourism, is a cornerstone of the French economy, with France the world’s fifth largest exporter. Paris is one of the leading financial centres of the Eurozone.

Excluding confidential items, major export goods from South Australia to France in 2015 included rape and colza seeds, almonds, rail and tramway construction materials and lamb meat.

Major goods imported into South Australia from France in 2015 included sparkling wine, wooden casks, barrels, boxes for non-passenger vehicles, brandy from grape wines and red wine bottles.

France is the fourth largest source of international students from Europe studying in Australian universities.

Over the year (ending 30 September 2015), approximately 15,000 French nationals visited South Australia, representing a 12.9 per cent share of the Australian market.

The South Australian Government has developed a South Australia – France Engagement Strategy that outlines the state’s immediate focus of engagement

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