Department of State Development



11-13 October 2019

Why PAX?

The Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment (DTTI) is hosting a South Australian branded exhibition space at PAX AUS from 11-13 October 2019 in Melbourne.

This event is designed to showcase the South Australian gaming community, further develop the state’s gaming brand and foster investment into the state. South Australian independent gaming companies and related organisations will be able to share in this dedicated space, promoting their innovative products and huge talent. 

PAX AUS is designed to support and celebrate gaming and gaming culture. It is one of a number of PAX gaming conventions held globally in Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia and San Antonio. PAX AUS 2019 is expected to have over 73,000 attendees and provides expo floor halls filled with booths from major game publishers and independent developers, panels from video game industry insiders, game culture-inspired concerts, LAN parties, tabletop gaming, competitions and much more.

Who should attend?

South Australian independent gaming companies seeking to promote their products and talent are encouraged to apply.

What’s included?

DTTI proposes to hold a dedicated exhibition space within the main expo hall, including equipment such as tablets and monitors for conference attendees to interact with games.

Exhibitor passes will be provided.

What’s not included?

Delegate airfares, accommodation, ground transport or meals.


Applications will be subject to an approval process and participation will be at the discretion of DTTI. 

Further information

Refer to Paxsite Aus website