Department of State Development

12 Dec 2018 Creative Industries


The GAMURS Group is the world’s leading esports media network that’s shaping the future of gaming. It has established an artificial intelligence (AI) research and development office in Adelaide in a bid to get its Gamer AI product ready for market.

The idea is simple, the GAMURS Group users can use Gamer AI to increase their skills in their chosen esport after it analyses their play-style and critical decisions.

Following advice from an industry contact, the GAMURS Group CEO Riad Chikhani discovered Adelaide was a potential location to develop the esports AI Coach.

“The University of Adelaide has one of the best AI and computer vision research faculties in the world, so it made sense that we speak to them about what we were looking to achieve,” Mr Chikhani said.

The Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment (DTTI) helped the GAMURS Group gain more insight into Adelaide’s tech ecosystem.

“DTTI understood our business and were quickly able to connect us with people, companies and government agencies that were supportive of growing esports in the state,” Mr Chikhani said.

Only a week after meeting with the University of Adelaide, the GAMURS Group knew Adelaide had the AI capability it was looking for.

“Adelaide is a great place for our AI development business to grow. It has world class talent and is an easy city to do business in,” Mr Chikhani said.

“We came here to learn about what Adelaide could offer, and within a week had made a lot of the connections needed to begin the R&D for our product.

“Adelaide boasts world class AI researchers with astounding talent entering the university systems, offering a consistent flow of talent for tech start-ups.”

A month after the GAMURS Group opened its AI product development office in Adelaide, the new Gamurs AI engineering team had already made quick progress on Gamer AI.

With the connections made in South Australia, the GAMURS Group already has its first customer for the product and will make further announcements in coming months.

The GAMURS Group is seeing great returns on its investment in Adelaide, with its low cost, ease of doing business, and access to world class talent making it the best choice for its business growth.