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  • SA Pharmacy Medicines Information Service
  • News on the release of the trial results
  • New season trials


The Future of Medicinal Cannabis symposium was held in Adelaide in late November. The symposium was attended by international, interstate and local companies and researchers.

Event organiser LeafCann Group’s CEO, Elisabetta Faenza said Our vision is to establish South Australia as the centre of excellence for education, research, industry innovation and development for the global cannabis sector”

“LeafCann has plans to recruit up to 40 local people in its current facility before the end of 2019 and together with our partner operations, will require more than 250 employees by 2020.”

Minister for Industry and Skills, David Pisoni said “Our state has the right blend of strengths in advanced horticulture, research and specialised manufacturing to have a real competitive advantage in this space.”

A Hemp Health & Innovation Expo was held in Melbourne on 8 and 9 December 2018.



There are several groups who have applied for licences for research, cultivation and/or production in South Australia. The Office of Drug Control in Canberra had not predicted the level of interest across Australia so it is currently taking some time to assess applications and grant permits.


SA Pharmacy Medicines Information Service

There is now a new hotline that people can contact for information about medicinal cannabis for patients. Staff have been trained to answer queries about medicinal cannabis in addition to other pharmacy medicines.

Tel: 08 8161 7555


News on the release of the trial results

See the preliminary report on the first season of research trial results

Key aspects that helped achieve the results seen in the first trials included:

  • planting in free draining soil
  • using good quality irrigation water (<1500 parts per million (PPM) / <2700 electrical conductivity units (EC))
  • achieving a high plant density (>50 plants/m2) assists in controlling weeds.

A final report, including data from the University of Adelaide and CSIRO on grain quality as well as fibre/hurd (woody core) yield and quality, will be available in the coming months.


New season trials

A second round of industrial hemp trials are underway in the Riverland and the South East to determine the optimum sowing and growing period for 6 varieties. These 6 varieties were assessed as suitable for cultivation in the 2 regions for:

  • hemp grain for various uses including for food
  • biomass for fibre production.