Department of State Development

Measuring economic benefit through jobs, investment and supply chain opportunities. 

The Public Projects and Participation Division leads across Government policy development and strategic projects to maximise the economic benefit to the State from Government expenditure.

The Division is responsible for developing and implementing the Industry Participation Policy Framework in acquisition planning, and provide the following templates for most procurement and some grant applications.

Standard templates for procurement and grants

Most procurement and some grants require you to complete the templates for the Economic Contribution Test and Industry Participation Plan.

Complete the Economic Contribution Test

Complete the Industry Participation Plan

Access a saved form

Fact Sheet - Online Forms
Download PDF | 119 KB

Tailored Industry Participation Plans are developed by the Division as required for high value and strategically important procurements, projects and expenditure and are not presented above.

For Industry Participation Plan Reporting Templates contact the Office of the Industry Advocate

Policy documents

Industry Participation Policy 
Download PDF | 818 KB

Procedural Guidelines
Download PDF | 720 KB

Procedural Guidelines Supplement - Upper Spencer Gulf Region
Download PDF | 509 KB

Northern Adelaide Guidelines
Download PDF | 606 KB

Frequently Asked Questions
Download PDF | 517 KB

Reporting Guidelines
Download PDF | 364 KB

Contract Clauses
Download PDF | 247 KB

Skilling South Australia Procurement Guideline
Download PDF | 269 KB

The Division works closely with the Industry Advocate who is responsible for building the capability of South Australian businesses to tender for Government work and investigating and monitoring compliance with Industry Participation Plans.

For assistance completing the online forms contact

Office of the Industry Advocate
Phone 8226 8956

For more information on the above policies contact

Public Projects and Participation
Phone 8226 8967

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