Department of State Development

The Office of the State Coordinator-General works actively to drive investment in South Australia by creating an environment that welcomes private sector development and stimulates job creation.

Clause 20 of Schedule 10 to the Development Regulations 2008 has been amended.  Under the new clause, the State Coordinator-General, Jim Hallion, can refer a development to the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP), formerly the Development Assessment Commission, when capital works for all stages of the development are completed:

  • exceeds $5 million in Metropolitan Adelaide, or
  • exceeds $3 million outside Metropolitan Adelaide
    (threshold values).

The proposal must satisfy the criteria prescribed in Schedule 10 of the Development Regulations 2008 but excludes development solely for residential purposes.

Proposed developments which include purpose-built student accommodation, aged care or serviced accommodation, industrial, commercial or retail uses can be considered if the works exceed the threshold values.

Refer to document guidelines and checklist:

Other legislative changes have further supported the Premier’s vision to coordinate private sector developments by enabling the State Coordinator-General to do the following:

  • assign SCAP as the planning authority for developments exceeding $5 million in Metropolitan Adelaide or exceeding $3 million outside Metropolitan Adelaide
  • assign SCAP as the planning authority for developments approved by the State Coordinator-General for the purposes of the Renewing our Streets and Suburbs Stimulus Program 
  • expand the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s Case Management Service to assist developers in navigating the planning and development process.


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